Tuition and Fees

This Elite Massage Therapy Apprenticeship Style Education is designed to be affordable and fair. The Institute is commited to staying small while consistently providing an excellent experience.  Due to the course acceleration, students who are invited to participate in the intensive program get out into the field earning as Licensed Massage Therapists twice as fast as most other massage therapy certification programs. This is an important consideration as you are determining how you will finance your massage therapy education, and which school is the best choice for you.

Tuition and Fees 2018:

  • Non- Refundable Application Fee – $200.00
  • 2019 Tuition – 600 Hour Massage Therapy Certification Program – $12,000.00
  • Text Book Package and Materials Fee $850.00.
  • Tuition for Elective Courses are $16.00 to $25.00 per credit hour. At least 25 hours of electives are recommended and 75 hours are available. Students who sign up and pay for their electives at the program orientation will save 10% on electives tuition. Electives are not eligible for extended finance plans.

Available Discounts:

  • Early Enrollment Discount – Apply, and enroll with a 25% payment 90 days in advance of the program and receive a $1,000 Discount!
  • Students who pay their entire tuition balance in advance of the program start date receive the Hot Rocks Elective for Free! ($240.00 value)
  • Veterans automatically receive a $1,000 Discount if they do not use their GI Bill Benefits.
  • Single Parents of children under 6 receive a $1,000 discount.
  • Students who move to the region from out of state to attend receive a $1,000 Relocation Subsidy
  • Students who commute from at least 25 miles each way are eligible to receive a $1,000.00 Commuting Subsidy.

Maximum Discounts Available: Discounts cannot exceed $2,000 in any combination.

In-House Financing:

Everyone is eligible for in-house financing. The program is based on a Pay-As-You-Go System. Tuition is broken down into 4 payments. Payments are due prior to each quarter of the program.

GI Bill:

We do accept the Montgomery GI Bill! If you would like to use your benefits please apply as soon as possible so that we have time to process your application and benefits.

Long Term Loan Resources:

If you need further assistance, please let us know. We have resources for students who need to finance their education over a longer period of time.



Other Expenses to Consider:

  • Students are required to wash 4 sets of provided linens weekly
  • Students are required to receive a Hydrotherapy Treatment prior to Hydrotherapy Workshop – $20 – $130
  • Students are required to receive one massage per quarter from one of their instructors – 4 x $70 = $280 to be paid at Orientation.
  • Upon Graduation, Student should be prepared for start-up expenses such as equipment, licensure, and Insurance.
  • The Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy has discount programs with Massage Table Manufacturers but does not provide a massage table or chair.