Specialist-Krista-DeNovellisKrista DeNovellis LMT Krista has an intentional focus within her massage and bodywork practice to support holistic strength and balance for her clients. Her goal is to cultivate an unencumbered positive and respectful therapeutic relationship with her clients so they can feel free to communicate their wellness goals to her, and thus benefit profoundly from their time spent together in treatment. Utilizing a variety of deeper modalities including, but not limited to, myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, and trigger point, Krista is able to access core musculoskeletal issues while simultaneously drawing upon her advanced knowledge and skill of more energetic forms of bodywork such as zero balancing, and craniosacral therapy to round out her holistic style. Krista has a strong intuitive sense and natural ability to nurture. She blends custom treatment plans on the spot to meet each client’s individual needs. She has advanced specializations in the Berkana Method of Mindful Expressionism which address the resolution of TMJ, whiplash, migraine, cervical and thoracic spine issues in which she integrates therapeutic breathwork. She is a passionate advanced student of Quantum Shiatsu and is eager to share this incredible traditional/cutting edge approach with her clients.

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Brittanie Miller LMT Inspired and fascinated with holistic living, Brittanie has been traveling an accelerated and potent path of holistic health care education for the last several years and is a devoted passionista of walking her talk. She is an apprentice and assistant instructor at the Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy and is completing her Mindful Expressionism Certification this summer with the method originator. Brittanie specializes in encouraging the resolution of TMJ related complaints, addresses limiting core musculature dysfunction, and works with her clients to increase the freedom of movement inherent with Deep Lumbar (lower back) treatment. She also specializes in creating deep breathing patterns for her clients through breathing enhancement techniques. Whatever the client needs in their massage therapy and bodywork session, she can create on the spot. Brittanie approaches bodywork with an artistic perspective while staying consistently grounded in the health sciences. She mindfully integrates various modalities, customizing treatments specifically for each client, with the goal to inspire natural healing and holistic balance for her client. The option of using CBD cream to compliment and speed the relaxation process is complimentary in all her sessions. As a Certified Yoga instructor, she offers one on one yoga sessions for her bodywork clients as an add-on but offers all of her clients yoga based self-care assignments they can take home to solidify the improved state they experienced while on the massage table.

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Website: www.anandaasaya.com

Specialist-John-Yungclas John Yungclas LMT John draws upon his extensive knowledge of holistic health optimization, life experience, and deep Yoga practice to provide exceptional massage therapy and bodywork experiences for his clients. His focus and energy support your well-being through promoting full embodiment and self-realization. He does this by consciously tuning into your needs and collaboratively working with you to provide the best massage therapy session for you. His goal is your goal. If you need deeper bodywork for a specific issue, that is what you get. If you need a simple space for peace and therapeutic touch, that is what you get. John’s approach is intuitive and based on a deep mindfulness practice. He listens closely to each of his clients, and tailors sessions to meet their individual needs and desires. At the end of your massage, John will provide you ways to continue the good work done on the massage table into your life whether it be through postural adjustments, simple stretches, or Yoga poses.

John is currently accepting new clients and would love the chance to work with you.

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Ana Mission is a Massage Therapist and Bodywork Artist that specializes in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. She graduated from the Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy in Spring 2014 and has just recently completed a 2-year program earning her certification as a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist. She has studied Natural Medicine since 2011 and has completed +2200 hours of experiential education in the realm of health sciences. With a passion for science and for art, her unique massage practice integrates a variety of modalities from the East to the West. She utilizes her vast array of knowledge to create a unique experience for her clients that emphasizes on exploring the balance between deep tissue, muscular manipulation work with the more subtle, nervous system-based therapies. Ana is committed to the process of actualizing positive change from the inside out. She fiercely believes that given the proper conditions, the body will heal itself. She considers herself as a powerful resource to establish those healthy conditions, but that ultimately to heal is a choice from within.

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Email: anahatawings@gmail.com
Website: elevatedharmony.com

Specialist-Sasha-BergSasha Star Berg LMT Sasha has a personal style of massage that is an integrative blend of therapeutic treatment and relaxation. She listens closely to each client in order to provide a unique session based on their needs. Using her strong knowledge of anatomy and her intuition, she fluidly transitions between different modalities including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy and facilitated stretching techniques to create a massage that is a work of art. She strives to collaborate with her clients to create a plan of self-care to continue the work off the table and into their daily lives. Sasha is a facilitator on your path to holistic health. Be prepared to be active in your responsibility by engaging and being present in this role. She promises to do the same for you!Other services offered are: Pre/

Other services offered are: Pre/Postnatal Massage, Hydrotherapy, Hot Stone, Aromatherapy

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