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250 Hour Mindful Expressionism® CP

You are applying to participate in a very demanding Advanced Training with Jill Berkana in her Method of Mindful Expressionism. If you are successful in completing all 250 hours, you will be a specialist in the method of Mindful Expressionism, and hold a certificate. Each segment is 50 hours long and lasts 6 days. The Certification program is 5 weeks long, Monday through Friday, and is 8 hours per day. The program takes place at the Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy in Denver Colorado. You will need to secure your air and ground travel.You must find your own accomodations, and we will help you connect with affordable options and potential roomates also going through the program. Until you have submitted your application, your essay, have been accepted into the program and paid your tuition deposit, your space is not secured. There are limited spaces in the course. If you have questions, please contact the Jill at 303-377-3111.



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    Essay Question: What do you feel Mindful Expressionism is all about, WHAT meditative work have you done thus far, WHAT can you do between now and the start of your program to learn more about "Mindfulness" and to cultivate more "presence" and what you do you hope to achieve from the Training.

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    I have completed all questions to the best of my knowledge and I state that the information given here is true and correct. I understand that this is a very intensive program, that portions of the tuition are not refundable. I have answered the medical questions to the best of my knowledge and I state that the information here is true and correct. I understand that all times and dates are subject to revision, and that I am not considered registered until I have signed an enrollment contract, paid the application fee, and made an initial tuition payment. *


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