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Massage Therapy Certification Program to our Denver Massage Therapy School:

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    Term Desired (dates are approximate). Each selection is a 600 - 675 Hour COMPREHENSIVE MASSAGE THERAPY CERTIFICATION PROGRAM. *
    2017 Spring Intensive Certification Program: 1-27-17 through 6-17-172017 Fall Intensive Certification Program: 7-28-17 through 12-16-17

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    Do you smoke? The Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy is a holistic health oriented program. The campus and surrounding property are strickly non-smoking areas. Regardless of smoking history, all accepted students are required to sign a non-smoking agreement prior to enrollment acknowleging that they will not smoke in or around the campus property, and if they bring the smell of smoke into the Institute they will be asked to leave the campus. *

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    Do you understand that this is an intense, high level incredibly challenging program which will require you to study extensively while in attendance and while away from the Institute? *

    Please acknowledge here with your initials that you understand the following class times: 1. The Intensive Day Programs run Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 3:00pm. In the second, third and fourth quarter of the program, students must come to school one evening per week for Clinical Practicum. The Institute will attempt to accommodate your work schedule if you are employed. *

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